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In the recent 'Hublot Loves Football' theme publicity activity (refer to the reading Hublot, Coach Lippi and Guangzhou Evergrande set off the 'Hublot Love' Football' China upsurge, Mr. Biver once said that music and sports are universal Language, the future will cooperate with music, and in such a short period of time, we he seen the “sincerity” of the LVMH group, and also let us see Jean-Claude Biver’s statement that “the first chronograph movement (ElPrimero) born in the 1960s is based on Subversive thinking has created a timing performance that can be accurate to 1/10 of a second, and rock music and the new Blues he the same leap-forward thinking. Zenith and the Rolling Stones are both legendary brands today, so the cooperation notes between them are so natural. natural.ArminStrom has its own core, with its own characteristics and unique design. At ArminStrom's headquarters, we can also see the environment in which a movement that can conquer GPHG is manufactured.Recycling of Patek Philippe's local Nautilus watches_Where and how are Patek Philippe recycled watches sold? Where to shoot? Maybe you he a local old Patek Philippe Nautilus watch in your home that can be recycled_Where can I recycle a Patek Philippe store watch, maybe you want to collect it, you just bought a local Patek Philippe Nautilus watch for recycling_Where can I recycle a Patek Philippe store watch, But you cannot determine its second-hand value.





After brushing, the lettering is also very clear!Of course, this controversy is actually related to the recycling quotation that many people influence. Not to mention that many consumers in the market will ask how much money can be recycled in general. Of course, as for In fact, Yu said that the recycling method can still be based on the style of the watch recycling in the current market. .pcb{margin-right:0} Is the Rolex Green Water Ghost still the same in 2019? -Identification: The Green Water Ghost is a very popular Rolex watch nowadays. As the facade of Rolex, it is the yearning of many people to make the Green Water Ghost. In 2010, Rolex replaced the green water ghost with an emerald green ceramic ring and a green-gold dial. Since then, the green water ghost has embarked on an 'opening trip.'Surprisingly, when you look closely at these two watches, you will find differences such as 'Let us find the differences', but as long as you don’t compare them, you will feel that they are no different, but the new watch It's really better.

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